Pet overweight? Help Reverse the Trend.

According to a 2012 study, 52.5 percent of dogs and 58.3 percent of cats in the United States are overweight or obese. That’s an estimated 36.7 million dogs and 43.2 million cats.*

*Source: 2012 Pet Obesity Study for the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention

It’s a serious problem; read these articles to
learn about dog obesity and cat obesity.

If your pet’s at risk, team up with your veterinarian. He or she will get your pet started with a Purina® Body Condition System score as well as a feeding recommendation to help achieve a weight loss target of 1 to 2 percent per week.

What’s a Purina® Body Condition System score? Because dogs and cats can vary so much in size, even within a breed, the Body Condition System® focuses more on shape than weight. Your veterinarian will give your dog or cat a score from one to nine, with one being too thin and nine obese – four to five is ideal for dogs and five is ideal for cats.

Download our Dog Body Condition System® (PDF)
Download our Cat Body Condition System® (PDF)

Better Health, Better Quality of Life

Obesity can lead to weight-related diseases. A healthier weight can mean a happier life. Project: Pet Slim Down® is an easy-to-use approach to help you succeed.